Formed in 2010 by David Newman and Mark Gilmore – Viridis Navitas Capital Partners specialise in finding, qualifying, funding, developing, delivering and commercialising Renewable Energy solutions, from ‘Idea to Concept’ – ‘Proof to Trial’ – ‘Certification to Commercialisation’.

VN-CP target opportunities where government and/or investor incentives are driving the adoption of technologies or solutions, particularly where these have been previously funded but their development poorly managed.

In return for their commercial services and fund raising capability, VN-CP Directors share in any and all IP developed within the SPV’s.

Building upon the successful delivery of individual UKTI supported, HMRC Pre-approved SEIS and EIS funded projects, VN-CP, by virtue of its Directors diverse technical capabilities and experience, has positioned itself as the ‘Go to Group’ for inventors, engineers and scientists alike, when these individuals wish to develop their technologies, via a commercial renewable energy special purpose vehicle.

VN-CP focus on building companies that will deliver significant returns to it’s investors by developing new technologies that will meet the stringent financial return requirements of the VN-CP team – whilst potentially solving environmental problems where global legislation is driving their adoption in current and future marketplaces.