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The Race for Green Hydrogen Has Officially Started

Bloomberg NEF estimates that there will be an $11 trillion investment in production and storage of hydrogen worldwide through to 2050. In 2020 Europe announced its path to 100% renewable hydrogen by 2050. EU estimates that clean hydrogen could supply 24% of the world’s energy demand, with annual sales of approx. €630 billion. EU’s objective to [...]

UK Hydrogen Technology Developer Moves up the Value Chain

HPGS, the UK start-up developer of Electro Hydrogen Generation (EHG) Technology, today announced that it had been selected as the Hydrogen Technology Partner in a research collaboration agreement with the Universities of Nottingham, Newcastle & Reading, Mahle Powertrain Ltd and Shell UK Ltd. The project will exploit the existing EHG technology for use across marine, [...]

VN-KERB TS Project Moves On To Engine Testing

Not all Governments are stating their intentions to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Engines, ICEs. The ones that do seem unconcerned about the challenges in making such claims. Even so, the automotive industry has been left with little choice but to leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of solutions to reduce emissions, including [...]

VN-HPG Rebranding

VN- Hydrogen Power Generation Limited has rebranded as Hydrogen Power Generation Solutions Limited. The name change is part of the company's commercialisation strategy to bring the EHG technology to market.

VN Automotive – Change of Direction and Name

Despite various Government legislation changes,  Diesel-Gate and finally Government insistence that the industry moves exclusively toward Electric Drive Trains, we have been unable to commercialise any VNA solution so far.  Whilst we continue to monitor the large engine automotive sector to achieve a successful exit, we need another, more stable and predictable marketplace of similar size. Following the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) decision on maritime emissions legislation, (see links below) we, in [...]

Nottingham Team Hit First Key Milestone

Following 2 years of R&D by Professor Alasdair Cairns, and another 2 years at Nottingham University the project is focused on delivering a unique solution to the challenges faced by diesel heavy-engine manufacturers, namely the legislation targeting the relentless reductions in emissions from those heavy-duty engines. All engines used in these types of application use [...]

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