Safer Aircraft Cabin Air Now A Possibility For Passengers & Air Crew Alike

LONDON, UK, March 15, 2023/ —

Cabin Air Sensor Solutions Ltd, (CASS) announced today that they had successfully completed their 9-month compound sensing work package adding Ethanol, Ammonia, Acetone, Toluene, Tricresyl Phosphate & Carbon Monoxide to their compound detection capability.

Operations Director Mark Gilmore said, “In May 2022 the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, verified the sensor’s ability to detect Tributyl Phosphate in real-time which was key in our development of the sensing technology pathway. Using the lessons learned whilst working on the TBP coating has enabled us to rapidly open a huge opportunity for the company by increasing our sensing capability to cover 5 further compounds, and a gas”.

CASS also announced that their Japanese Patent Application had been granted, and that further grants are pending final investigations.

David Newman, CASS CEO said, “It has been an extremely difficult journey for a small start-up company to take this completely original Idea from Concept, though to Prototype and then, to Portable Handheld Sensor, but with the support of our private & corporate investors, together with our scientific team, we have finally made it, and are incredibly proud of the achievement”.