National Physical Laboratory Verifies VN-ADS’s Poisonous Compound Sensor Capability

The world’s First Real-Time, Poisonous Compound Sensor for Aircraft Cabins has been verified by UK’s National Physical Laboratory. Following multiple successful in-house tests and the real-time detection of TBP, witnessed by Dr. Nicholas Martin of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), VN Aerotoxic Detection Solutions Ltd (VN-ADS) announced today that it has successfully developed a real-time, [...]

The Race for Green Hydrogen Has Officially Started

Bloomberg NEF estimates that there will be an $11 trillion investment in production and storage of hydrogen worldwide through to 2050. In 2020 Europe announced its path to 100% renewable hydrogen by 2050. EU estimates that clean hydrogen could supply 24% of the world’s energy demand, with annual sales of approx. €630 billion. EU’s objective to [...]


Immediate Opportunity Using existing sample collection methods ViruSense can be quickly adapt existing Nano Optical Technology to detect LIVE Covid-19 virus via a nose/throat swab in REAL-TIME! The ViruSense technology will use Covid-19 therapeutic antibodies as part of a solution for a completely new set of coatings to detect the LIVE virus using existing detection technology The antibody coating will stick to the [...]

VN-KERB TS Project Achieves Technology Readiness Level 4 – Engine Testing Follows

Not all Governments are stating their intentions to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Engines, ICEs. The ones that do seem unconcerned about the challenges in making such claims. Even so, the automotive industry has been left with little choice but to leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of solutions to reduce emissions, including [...]

Class Action Lawsuits and Upcoming Legislation to Deliver VN ADS Perfect Storm for Investor Exit

The Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the Airline industry, dramatically reducing ticket and new aircraft sales. To compound the pain, the number of litigation claims against them for Aerotoxic Syndrome has increased even further, and to add to its woes the Specialist Class Action legal firms on both sides of the Atlantic are circling. These [...]

Hydrogen Power Generation Solutions (HGPS) Press Release

UK Hydrogen Technology Developer Moves up the Value Chain HPGS, the UK start-up developer of Electro Hydrogen Generation (EHG) Technology, today announced that it had been selected as the Hydrogen Technology Partner in a research collaboration agreement with the Universities of Nottingham, Newcastle & Reading, Mahle Powertrain Ltd and Shell UK Ltd. The project will [...]

Automakers pull models, halt output as WLTP deadline roils European market

A double shot of new emissions tests is shaking up the European auto market this year, disrupting production and sales, and weighing on automakers’ profits. The two tests are the WLTP, or Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure, and its on-road companion, the RDE, or Real Driving Emissions. They replace the NEDC, or New European [...]

Honeywell Optimistic on Future Turbo Sales into Hybrid Vehicles

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- The industry may be entering the age of electrification and automated driving, but larger numbers of vehicles using electric motors and driving themselves won't slow the growth of turbochargers, says Craig Balis, chief technology officer of Honeywell Transportation Systems. The way Balis sees it, turbochargers complement hybrids that use a gasoline [...]

The UK Challenger Fund Invests in VN-HPG 3rd Round & VN-ADS 2nd Round Funding

The UK Challenger Fund closed a £60,000 investment in VN H- Power Generation Ltd's Third Round Raise valuing VN-HPG at £10.3m and a £200,000 investment in Vn Aerotoxic Detection Solutions Ltd valuing VN-ADS at £2.3m Jasper Smith of General Investment Partners the Funds mentors said: “The UK Challenger Fund is designed to identify early stage, [...]

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