• Bloomberg NEF estimates that there will be an $11 trillion investment in production and storage of hydrogen worldwide through to 2050.
  • In 2020 Europe announced its path to 100% renewable hydrogen by 2050.
  • EU estimates that clean hydrogen could supply 24% of the world’s energy demand, with annual sales of approx. €630 billion.
  • EU’s objective to support installation of 6G of renewable hydrogen electrolysers to produce approx. 1m tonnes of renewable hydrogen.
  • EU also states hydrogen to become intrinsic to Europe’s integrated energy system by 2030. At least 40 gigawatts of renewable hydrogen electrolysers to produce approx. 10m tonnes of renewable hydrogen by 2030.
  • Large corporates now shifting focus to transition to hydrogen as part of their energy strategy, e.g. Cummins Inc, BP, BG, Navistar Inc, Shell, Air Liquide/Air Products, Linde etc.

Over the last 8 years the team at HPGS has worked on delivering the most flexible, efficient and easily manufactured hydrogen technology available by developing an electrolyser solution that integrates the recovery of waste energy to deliver green hydrogen solutions.

The ability of the HPGS solution to recover both heat and motive power from waste energy in existing power generation plants delivers ‘real’ green hydrogen, expanding both the boundaries and real commercial/industrial opportunities for generator owners and operators alike.

HPGS is projecting that its solutions will cost 50% less that conventional PEM solutions and be 25% more efficient, manufactured with off-the-shelf components and inexpensive materials.