Despite various Government legislation changes,  Diesel-Gate and finally Government insistence that the industry moves exclusively toward Electric Drive Trains, we have been unable to commercialise any VNA solution so far.  Whilst we continue to monitor the large engine automotive sector to achieve a successful exit, we need another, more stable and predictable marketplace of similar size.

Following the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) decision on maritime emissions legislation, (see links below) we, in conjunction with Nottingham and Newcastle Universities, will try to ‘adapt’ the technology to suit ocean going vessels that use ammonia as a fuel source, with hydrogen acting as an accelerant in the combustion process.

Therefore, VN Automotive will change its name shortly (once development contracts with 3rd parties are completed) to Automotive and Maritime Hydrogen Solutions Ltd (AMHS). Subsequently, I will write to you personally requesting that you agree to a special resolution that will allow us to make that change. The companies rights of use and IP development license is also being amended (at no extra cost to the company) to include Large Marine engines.

One additional benefit this delivers, is the ability for joint development of the EHG technology with the HPG team who have been working on scaling up the technology since 2018. The cost and development benefits are obvious as both Power Generation and Maritime markets will require significantly larger EHG units than the automotive sector.

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