Immediate Opportunity

Using existing sample collection methods ViruSense can be quickly adapt existing Nano Optical Technology to detect LIVE Covid-19 virus via a nose/throat swab in REAL-TIME!

The ViruSense technology will use Covid-19 therapeutic antibodies as part of a solution for a completely new set of coatings to detect the LIVE virus using existing detection technology

The antibody coating will stick to the LIVE Covid-19 virus particles, and the ViruSense sensor will detect the presence of the virus particles “Stuck” to the coating

The time taken to detect the LIVE virus, from putting the sample in the sensor head to result will be less than 30 seconds

The existing sensor technology can already detect much smaller particle sizes than viruses. It is detecting Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds, SVOCs

ViruSense is collaborating with The Rosalind Franklin Institute, Oxford for the following:

  •  Access to Level 2 Biosafety labs and facilities to perform the adaptation research & development
  •  Use of the Franklin Institute’s Cvid-19 therapeutic antibodies for use in the adaptation
  •  Potential access to Level 3 Biosafety laboratories and the Covid-19 virus as and when appropriate.

Virus particles are 100 times > SVOCs, so sensitivity required to detect presence of virus particles already developed

The therapeutic antibodies being used in coating ONLY stick to the COVID-19

The protein “adhesive” to fix antibodies to glass are available

Access to Biosafety laboratories confirmed.

Adaptation Programme and Schedule

Phase 1:
Feasibility of VN-ADS technology adaptation.

The adaptation allows rapid screening taking seconds

The main scientific challenges to be solved are; whether the viruses can be efficiently distinguished from other viruses or macromolecules.

Within approx. 3 months a confirmation of the technology can be verified

A prototype instrument could be achieved within 6 months

Phase 2:
Assuming validation with Pseudovirus, a production-ready design could be ready within 10-12 months assuming sufficient resources to allow parallel working to accelerate testing/validation/results where possible.

The ‘Nano Optical Virus Sensor Ltd’ Investment Memorandum is available upon request and shares are available on a ‘First come – First served’ basis.