Stage 1 Fully Funded Via 2 individual Round 1 SEIS Raises – Stage 1 has been completed.

Experiments utilising different nano-catalysts to create a CO2 Filtration system for Gas & Coal Fired Power Stations

What is the opportunity & why does it exist?

  • Global CO2 reduction driven by Legislation and heavy fines are forcing non-compliant power generation plants to close
  • Renewable, Nuclear or New Gas Fired power stations cannot be brought online quickly enough to avoid ‘Brown-outs’ in UK & Europe
  • Coal is the most abundant naturally occurring fossil-fuel remaining on the planet
  • Coal emits vast quantities of CO2 when burnt, although other toxic emissions are largely filtered-out by technology. Therefore  removal of CO2 is the solution.

What is the technology and how proven is it?

  • Nano-particle Absorption Process
  • Tested in laboratory conditions at Newcastle University and proven to remove CO2 from a pure CO2 gas stream via a Water Screening Process.

Development process required to?

  • Prove durability & efficiency of nano-particles in a burnt coal produced CO2 waste stream
  • Design recovery and reuse process for NiNPs
  • Calculate metrics for all stages of the process.

How will it produce revenues and when?

  • Sell the service to power generators on 10-year minimum contracts using a ‘share of CO2 allowance savings’ payment basis
  • Licence technology to new-build manufacturers & maintainers of existing plant
  • Resale of Calcium Carbonate or other by-products.
  • 3-5 years in development before revenues.
  • 3-5 years in revenue before potential investor exit.

How big is the market and in what areas does it exist?

5 different multi-billion £ market opportunities namely:

  • Gas
  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Bio-Fuel
  • RDF

UPDATE 6/09/16

Professor Jeremy J. Ramsden, Ilya Sokolov & Professor Danish J. Malik have now published their findings at Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, a leading chemical engineering journal.