Bespoke IFA Services

At VN Capital Partners we understand that one size does not fit all. We also understand that the relationship between Professional Advisor and client can be greatly enhanced by the introduction to Professional Management teams with real business opportunities, even if they don’t invest in them. It deepens the relationship with your clients, gives you a more in-depth understanding of their investment strategy, and their appetite for particular business sectors and risk.

Any opportunity to investigate this with your client in the context of an investment assessment is relationship ‘Gold-Dust’. Furthermore, being able to do this with investment opportunities that do not have the usual salaried Management Teams, annual fund management fees, or success fees will be a breath of fresh-air to you and your clients.

This coupled with cutting-edge technology solutions in multi-billion £ markets, that have the potential to give substantial returns to your clients, with Advanced Assurance HMRC tax mitigation, makes a very compelling proposition .

VN-CP is focused on delivering the kind of services to Professional Advisors that are not offered by the industry today:

  1. Bespoke, personalised client presentation materials
  2. Short videos to describe each opportunity in plain language
  3. Use of VN Capital Partners offices for presentations and meetings with clients
  4. Availability of each project Management Team for any client presentations and/or meetings.

In this way VN Capital Partners helps deliver a service to your client, which at each stage can only serve to cement the relationship between you and them. After all, advice without a relationship, is no advice at all.