Breaking into new and deregulating markets with new or disruptive technologies is tough and it takes seasoned professionals with enthusiasm, drive and experience to succeed.

The Renewable Energy market today in particular is seemingly populated with projects that rarely get delivered, rather remaining a “work-in-progress” with continuing funding requirements.

VN-CP however, is operated by commercially savvy, experienced industry veterans who specialise in maximising profits within new and deregulating markets. Carrying the commercial ‘weight’ of the new enterprise they assist the inventor, scientist, engineer or originator to develop the technology within structured and budgeted delivery programme in a financially prudent market led direction.

Moreover, its fully integrated commercial management team are driven and rewarded by the delivery of both successful customer service and shareholder investment return, as they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the investors and operate on a ‘no-salary – no-fee’ basis.

Goals are in large part achieved because of an Industry Standard pre-feasibility qualification process with financial evaluation at it’s core.

VN-CP Directors are Sales and Marketing led in all aspects of the business, driving revenue opportunities wherever possible using ‘Solution vs Problem’ thinking. Our unique ability to ‘join-up’ independent technologies and create complete marketable solutions sets us apart within this marketplace.

In some instance’s SPV’s formed by VN-CP are positioned as both creator/developer of a technology and first client for the solution, thereby creating an immediately tangible market with Industry unique financial returns.

Are you an IP owner, inventor, scientist, or engineer?

Are you frustrated by the funding/commercial aspects of delivering your technology?


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